Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Around the Taman Family Ride...

Biking is infectious. It spreads like wildfire. Slowly at first, but once it starts spreading, it is unstoppable...engulfing everything in its path...

First my eldest son. Then my wife. Once the mother got it, sporadic infection to the other children expedited. Within 3 weeks, my family become hooked to cycling. The word "weekend" used to be a much loathed word for my wife since she'll be losing her beloved husband to the bicycle and his biking activities. My bike has been a subject of jealousy.

But...after she herself, was infected, things take a 180° swing. The word "weekend" coupled with "riding" have turned into sweet melodious words to her and became a much looked forward to. Children are following suit.

Earlier, I took them for a spin around the taman. Just a casual brief ride on tarmac enough to stir their interests. After a rather pleasantly surprising announcement of the Thaipusam hol by Pak Lah, I was swarmed when I arrived home after work asking whether we could go for another round of ride around the taman. I gave them a big YES. To top it all, I brought back some parts to upgrade my son's heavy steel bike.

So that Wednesday morning, all the aspiring young riders rose early. Even earlier than on normal school days. Farhan, who would always sulk and sob, turns up chirpy and enthusiastic. Hmmm...miracle wonder of a bicycle? Doctors should start prescribing cycling to their patients.

All geared up and raring to go. From left, Suzana, Faris (9), Farihah (12) and Farhan (7)
Once everybody was all geared up, I gave a snappy briefing, something like what the hare did during a bash, covering the safety aspects, ride rules, signals, gear usage etc.

Tarmac around taman
Terrain around my taman is mostly flat. We started off on tarmac headed towards Karak highway next to Taman Koperasi Polis. That stretch of highway is under construction under the DUKE project. The road bank made a good place for introduction to some basic off road climbing and descending.

Slope climbing 101

Little one heaving

Little one fighting pain
We spent some time there trying and practicing climbing and descending. A small mishap befell on Farhan. His pants and knee suffer small cuts and abrasion when he lost balance while speeding down the slope. Actually, he was not supposed to zoom down yet. Perhaps he couldn't resist the temptation after seeing his brother and sister yelling their lungs out zooming down the slope. Tears flowed down his cheeks, with apparent signs of controlled wincing. He sulked thereafter when we decided to move on. I thought he sulked because of the pain and he didn't wanna cycle any more. Only later he complained to my wife that he wanted to try again after his crash. Ooooo...tough spirited young man. Hmmm..must've taken after his father!

Farhan n Faris on riverside trail

Wifey trying a small descent
We continued on looking for suitable passages and trying to avoid tarmac as much as we can. The sight of cyclists wearing helmets is not a common sight in the taman. Folks in the taman gave us a strange look as if we were troupe member of the London Royal Circus...
We casually passed by the taman to the riverside trail along Sungai Gombak. Popular spot for the taman folks and the nearby kampung folks to take a stroll or jog. We passed by coupla joggers and strollers. Some in family group, some solo and some in pair exchanging brief greetings and smiles. Really nice trail for casual jog, stroll or cycling. Would've been nicer if river is not polluted...

Going thru some tight obstacles
Ride was made more interesting by passing some obstacles, trying to climb up and roll down shallow banks. My intention of having a family ride and to expose them to basic off road riding fulfilled. There were few sections of dirt road and singletracks to let them have a feel of going off road. Nobody complained about being tired even though the distance was close to 10kms.

A sprinkle of "off-road"
River side trail
Flood mitigation dam

Ride ended with a breakfast treat of roti canai, nasi lemak and all you can eat at a local eatery. A good ride that also serves as good family bonding. And most importantly, my ride visa application would be easier to be approved...

Some vid clips of my family in action

Ibu half successful climb...

Farihah made it look so easy even though astride a regular heavy steel bike.

Little downhiller...


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