Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Buah Mola

Blogs??? Been hearin about it. Seen one or two blogs. Never really bother. One fine night, curiosity got the better of me and all of the sudden...presto!!! I owned a blog. What a blog... Apa hal tajuk tu? Malaysian from the northern region may be able to figure out. Literally it means the first fruit. Figuratively, it means the intro...Make sense? I am not much of a writer. I mean, I can write as much as I can talk, but whether what I write or said are worth reading or listening, now that's another issue. A bit on the introvert type, I don't really express myself. By having a blog, I thought I could express myself better. I could spill my gut out...Strange...why do Ifeel like I am being watched. Why do I feel as if you know me (yeah you - whosoever you are reading this now). You don't know me do you? You have not the slightest faintest idea of my identity...Right? I don't believe you... Guess that's the price you have to pay for watching The Matrix one too many times... What is real???