Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Head Tube Condom

It's frustrating to see the abrasion caused by the cables rubbing against the head tube. Paint scraped off revealing the naked color of the frame material. I have seen people covering the area with stickers/decal. There's clear sticker film offered in the market for that purpose. The only setback is the residual glue patch stain after the sticker is removed.

I was looking at my abraded head tube after changing the inner tube for my kids' bike. I hung the inner tube on the bike rack. Such a pity that it will be thrown away as junk just like that. I looked at the tube, then the abraded head tube, back to the tube again....Subconsciously my mind tried to work something out...Suddenly ...I-reka!!! (Fortunately, I was not in my bath tub, enjoying a foam bath and not wearing anything at that moment). I leapt from my sofa. Rushed to the kitchen, grabbed the scissor and rush back to my "workshop".

Here's the result. Used inner tube converted to a head tube protector aka head tube condom. Used inner tube cut to shape and slid on the head tube to cover the abraded part to prevent further abrasion due to rubbing of the cables. Quick, simple, free and environmental friendly solutions. Err...you'd have to remove the fork for installation...

Notice anything peculiar?
How about now? Inner tube cut to shape to cover the top and bottom of head tube right where the cables rub against the head tube. Another view of the head tube condom.

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