Friday, December 12, 2008

Putting Some Fun Into Going To Work

Have I lost it? What? Fun going to work? Yeah...Try cycling to office. I'd like to share one of my office going route. With back pack fully loaded - change, tools, spare tube, water I clip-on and pedal off. Minutes after leaving my front gate, the nicely paved tarmac turns into this. Well, it didn't, but I chose to...

Where has the road disappeared to?

It's like seeing the weekend off road trail. Off goes all thoughts of going to work...

Barricade? Uh-oh...But no problem for the go everywhere MTB

From a momentary pseudo wilderness, to modern day triple carriageway. Presenting Duta Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE). The barricade fails to stop my black stallion from galloping on. Try doing that with your car, motorcycle even.

The emergency lane is wide enough for my black stallion

Moderate morning 0730hrs traffic zooming by. Note that I use lighting, blinking white light front, and blinking red rear even during day time. It helps to be seen. Especially by the rempiters who can zoom around at supersonic speed.

Approaching the new unopened section

Encroaching the unopened section

So far, no difference whether you are cycling or driving. Not until you come to this section. The junction at Bandar Dalam. Notoriously jam packed because of the skinny bottleneck thereafter heading towards Sentul. Barricade laid on the entrance of the flyover, warding off motorists. Note, motorists NOT cyclists. Careful glances to the back to ensure road is clear and I am off into a newly built highway. Free from pestering internal combustion engined road monster.

Massive jam compounded by irresponsible and selfish motorists driving contra flow.

Time to even the score. From atop the flyover, I heave a sigh of relief and a smirk forming at the corner of my lips looking at the crawling traffic below. In front of me - wide highway that spell "FREEDOM" awaits.

A highway will be incomplete without the toll booth

Pedaling continues towards Sentul. Passes by Sentul Murni. Soon to be charted in the road map for the presence of another toll booth.

Left to Keramat, right to Duta

Highway forks thereafter. left will take you all the way to Keramat. Right to Jalan Duta. I take left. Passing by Bandar Baru Sentul heading for Setapak. Unfortunately, there is no exit at Setapak. Again the advantage of a bicycle saves the day. Bike lifted across the divider to make an illegal exit at Titiwangsa.

Ilegal exit near Titiwangsa

A swooping exit then into the streets of Titiwangsa. Then back and drowned into the insanity of morning weekday traffic of Jalan Pahang.

Jalan Pahang morning traffic insanity

Actually, traffic jam is a huge blessing for cyclists. Crawling traffic poses lesser threat in terms of safety. Scarce spaces in between vehicles is more than enough for a bicycle to squeeze through. You can pedal casually pass by them leaving behind a trail of envy.

Traffic jam is also a blessing when it comes to entering a roundabout. Try doing that during clear time and it will take ages before you can get a clean shot. During jam, just squeeze through...

From Bulatan Pahang to Chow Kit till arrival at the office is simply fun. Being able to overtake motorized vehicle (not because you are fast, but because they are slow) gives some sort of inexplicable gratification. In about 30 minutes, I arrive at the office. Fun traveling to office concludes with a climb up the parking ramp all the way to second floor. Of course I arrive sweating, panting but...SMILING.

The Black Stallion safely anchored at the parking bay. The parking kakak helps to keep an eye on it.

So come on! Make your travel to the office more fun too!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

KeLoLo's PedalPal Shop Relocated

KeLoLo's PedalPal, my little bike shop, has been relocated! From a small corner underneath the staircase, PedalPal now has a proper lot. Relocation was made in view of the growing number of patrons and injection of capital from a new investor, who happen to be a new biker recruit.

Business hour remains from 9.30 p.m. to 11.59 p.m. weekdays, except for Tuesdays. Shop will be opened on Saturdays and Sundays depending on the proprietor's ride schedule. However, service confined to minor installation and assembly. The parts department is not yet in operation.

Those wishing to seek service are advised to fix appointment in advance, else you could end up in dis-appointment.

PedalPal....your pedaling companion.