Sunday, August 17, 2008

"P" Rider Goes Racing???

What's with me? Suddenly I decided to participate in a race...A simple no fee, no prizes, no nonsense time trial race organized by Fakawi. Cool huh?

The arena will be the 2K loop in Kiara. To many, 2K is the "easiest" and shortest loop...Yeah, when you compare with all the other intertwined loops of Kiara. Still, the easiest loop could make my knee wobble, my heart and lung bursting.

Winning is out of the question. Why race when you know you can't win? Well, by participating, I have won. My first win. Win over fear. By racing, I'll be motivated to push myself to the max, see my true capacity. My win no 2. I've set my own target. To try to complete the course and clear all the technicals. If I can do'll be my third winning...

I'm not worried about other opponents for the greatest rival is within...myself.


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Fakawi said...

no go kick some spandex clad butt!!