Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grease Is The Word

Nahhh...this got nothing to do with that John Travolta 70's musical. This got something to do with keeping your bike properly lubed.

Presenting Exus grease gun and Exus grease.

Exus lube kit comes with Exus lube gun and Exus grease tube. The gun acts like a pump to squish grease without making a mess. Springloaded to push the pump backward. Can be operated singlehandedly. It comes with two nozzle - long and short. Small pointy nozzle makes it easy to reach the nooks and crannies of the bike. A squish here, a squish there to keep your bike properly lubed.

The grease is greenish paraffin based grease suitable for all sort of bearings - headset, bottom bracket, hubs, pedals etc.

I got mine from Bicycle World


Akmal Hizam said...

i've got mine from a pet shop. really.
actually, i used a syringe - the vet gave for feeding kittens with multivits.
a bit messy though, but not as messy as using my fingers.

Megat said...

The OffCamber is hillarious, but true!

How much for the grease gun? How about refills? and what parts is it intended for?

KeLoLo said...

Got it for RM50 for the gun and the lube tube from Bicycle World. Refill available at RM25 a pop. Last I check, there was still aplenty.

Can be used on all bike partsneeding lubrication. NOT to be used on the disc brake rotor though. :)