Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Element Goes A Haulin'...

There are so many generous people out there. I am very grateful for that. Nathan of Bicycle World, Taman Melawati was generous enough to lend me a child carrier. I put up a post on the carrier some time back. I did mention the problem of dangling feet while using that carrier and it prompted a friend of mine, who was a senior from my secondary school, to give me his carrier.

His timing was perfect. Perfect because, last Sunday a small mishap happened. My son's right foot went into the wheel causing abrasion to his heel. Perfect because we plan to have another round of family ride this Sunday. Ah...should I not be grateful???

Installation hit minor snag because the Element does not have the mounting bolt on its seat stay. And the disk brake caliper was standing in the carrier's way. A small tweak here and there and voila...Beto child carrier is in commission.

Element with Beto child carrier ready to do the haulin'

I would like to thank brother Epit for his generosity in giving this to me...Thank you. May Allah bless you...

Now, let's take a closer look at this carrier, shall we?

The Beto carrier requires the rack to be installed first.

The rack completely installed

Improvised rack bracket mounting to the frame.

Carrier secured to rack by this steel bar. Proper foot rest with securing strap. No more dangling legs.

The carrier is just slid into position on the rack. There are grooves and rails to guide the carrier in place.

Back rest can be reclined. Dummy bar for the pillion to grab on.


Naen said...

Salam bang BC. Saya baru dpt kerusi Beto dari kedai secondhand, siap ngan kaki skali. Tapi ada prob nk install sbb sangkut pada disc caliper blkng mcm prob abg laa..Mtk tlg amik pics skit abg mod mcm mana supaya boleh pasang bole? Saya dh pasang vbrake sbb ingat xleh pakai, tapi tgk abg pasang buleh plak! TQ.

KeLoLo said...

Wa alaikum salaam Naen. Sori lambat jawab.

Saya menghadapi, masalah yang sama. Mujur brek yang dipakai pada Element tu jenis hidrolik. Tombol kalipernya tidak sebesar tombol brek mekanikal. Jadi hanya sedikit gangguan kepada kaki rak sebelah kiri. Saya atasi masalah itu dengan:-

1. Kaki rak sebelah kiri dibengkokkan sedikit.
2. Ditambah spacer pada yang saya ambil daripada brek pad V.

Gabungan bengkokan dan renggangan dengan spacer memberikan ruang kelegaan yang cukup untuk kaki rak sebelah kiri.

Unknown said...


May i know where can i get to buy this carrier? Wish to go for a ride with my 5 year old son.

Thank you very much!

Y T Choo

Mohd Haris Khalim said...

Hi there Mr Choo,

If you are in Klang Valley, you can try the Rodalink Shop. There's one in Bangsar and few other places.

The other day, I saw the same model like mine on display at R N Samy bicycle shop in Batu Caves.

One thing to note though, your son is already five. He might be a bit big for the carrier. This carrier can carry up to 22kg. More or less about 5 years old.

Go beyond that, it might not hold and the child may feel a bit cramped. Do check first before purchasing.

- Kelolo -