Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On-Bar Cam Holder Hack

This is my version of on-bar cam holder. Just a normal cam pouch. Cut the front to allow the lens to protrude out. Very crude but it gets the job done. Cam held snugly due to elastic band holding the pouch together. The wall is lined with thin padding. Good for shock absorption. Case is mounted to the bar using cable tie. Not meant for easy removal. It will be there for some time before I could figure out ways for easy installation and removal...Perhaps a velcro based solution.

Need some familiarisation before I could use it efficiently. Once the cam is nested inside, you can't see the display. Even the shutter button is hidden. So, must always remember to check and preset all setting prior to inserting the cam. Must effortlessly know where the shutter button and the power button is. Shutter button to start and stop recording. The power button to switch on after insertion, and to power off so that the lens will be retracted. Else, you'll have a tough time removing the cam out from the casing.

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