Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Akademi Fun-Teresia LTM 08

I liken my recent 2 rides to same ingredient cooked by maestro chefs, produced tasty delicacies. The ingredient - LTM terraces. The maestro chefs - Degawan and Pechiko. Strange, when you come to think of it, how come the same thrill which you have ridden before can give different level of thrill and excitement?

I think the secret lies in how you ride it. More than often, in previous rides, when I was confronted with a more technically challenging section, I would be more than happy to dismount and tackle it with both feet on the ground. Almost everybody did the same. So we missed out the challenge not realising that that was the best part of the ride. But in the last 2 sessions, we spent time to try to tackle the challenge. Scared? It's natural to be scared but the exhilaration of overcoming the fear and pushing your capability envelope give greater satisfaction.

With that, we went to LTM again. My missus especially, was feeling rather vengeful, when she tumbled 4 times the week before. She wanted to get revenge...Her feat last week inspired more ladies to participate. Zini, Lis' wife, and Sharmine, Jaf's wife, decided to take on the challenge.

The Akademi Fun-teresia - Season 2

Front, from left - Me, Lis' daughter, Fazidah (triathlete), Sharmine, Ummu, Sarah, Ikmal.
Second row, from left - Aboi, Farihah (my daughter), Daniel, Aboi's son, Muda, Pine, Langgark, Jafmus, Hashim Degawan, Pechiko.
Last row, from left - Shahrul, Naquiyah (Shahrul's daughter), Zini, IkanBilis,Wan, Emir.

Going in circa 0900 hrs.

Lis, Zini and daughter...

Langgark almost clearing the welcoming mat
The welcoming mat never fail to throw in climbing challenge. The challenge lies in finding the proper line amidst the rutted surface and to overcome the gradually steeping slope.

Getting acquainted with the terraces and its drops at T3

Blasting down T3 finale

Young talents...

New flava pizza awaiting unwary riders at the bottom of the slope

Missus cut her lip after a second tumble at the very same slope where she fell last week.
Excitement was high that day. Perhaps due to the presence of Pechiko, who returned from Kota Bharu, and also triggered by news, stories, pics and vids of last week's ride.
The climax of the ride was at T2 where terrain was more challenging. Fast slopes with drops add spices. Some recorded new achievement of cleaning all the slopes. Lis for one, had a joyful and exhilarating time of scoring personal record astride his NRS. Children literally made the slopes looked like child's play.
My missus decided to take it easy after a record of 4 endos last week. When we were about to wrap up T2 and head for home, Chiko somehow managed to talk her into trying. She gave in and went for the challenge. First attempt saw her leap frogging from her bike when the fron tire bucked at the bottom of the slope. She tried again but pulled the front brake much too early. She was hurled off from the bike and her chin slammed onto the palm frond. Luckily, it was a rotten one and it crushed like biscuits. So, that was it. We called it a day and head for home.

Vids of the ride.
T3 finale

Kids Fun. It's just child's play...

Our teens. Boy, were they fast!

Senior riders. Slower but steady...

LTM T2 Hot pursuit

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