Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ogre Organ Transplant Again?

When my wife bought herself a new Fuji Tahoe Comp, my Element was sort of returned to me. That black stallion was my prime ride. Still is. Equipped with better parts. Well, maybe not as upmarket and as bling to other riders' standard, but for a thrifty person like me, it's parts are worth salvaging.

So, without much further ado, I did a double transplant that night, exchanging parts between the Element and the Ogre. Hmmm...Don't I have anything better to do? I dunno, maybe I'm a weirdo because I got kicks and high from fixing bikes.

Here's the results...

RS Revelation 409
I swapped the ogre's Mozo MZIII with Element's RS Revelation 409 115mm air shock. From coil 100mm to air 115mm. Lighter, with a slight increase in travel. The Revelation offer more feature - compression and rebound adjustment that are not available in the Mozo. That will do for now. Travel still short but enough to make the ogre to kick and buck and throw me off its saddle.

Cut Thomson Elite straight seatpost
The clearance between the seatpost and the shock is a nuisance when seatpost is lowered to the max whenever I feel like roughing it up a bit. It will wedge against the shock and convert my ogre into a hard tail. I wanted to saw 50mm off from it. Just my luck to see the ad for cut Thomson Elite seatpost in BBS before the sawing took place. The length 225mm was ngam-ngam the size I wanted. What more can I ask for? For RM60...It was hard to resist.

Shimano HII LX FC M580 Crank
The ogre came with 07 LX RD and FD. The accompanying stock Suntour crank was pathetic. Transplanted the LX crank to ogre. Ahhh...better match with the rest of the drivetrain...

Having done all those, I took a moment to look at the ogre. Scrutinising from front to back, back to front made me realised that the only stock parts remaining on this rig were the RD, FD, and chain. All other stock parts have been replaced...I must be nearing insanity...

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