Saturday, July 05, 2008

Green Ogre Evo 1

The mention of Proton T-Bolt does not create awe. Instead, sneering remarks would follow. Unlike mentioning other "big" names that I need not mention here. I bought one T-Bolt simply because it was a decent bike that could squeeze into my tight budget.

T-Bolt originated from EPX TerraShark by EPX Australia. The original Terrashark offers higher specs, of course at higher price tag. I am not going to dwell into the history of Proton taking a nosedive into selling bicycle simply because I don't know the facts...Don't wanna be making up stories and getting sued for sedition and defamation. We don't want that, do we?

My intention is to try to convey that T-Bolt is still a decent, fun to ride bike. It can even take moderate beating...With some upgrading, it can take you to another height. You don't have to burn a big hole in your pocket especially when your pocket is not that big (like mine...)

When I took delivery, I too, didn't have much expectation. It was just a bike that could allow me to continue cycling after my HT rig, was passed to my wife.

But after a few spin, the prejudice began to mellow. This ugly green ogre can deliver more than I thought it could do...Of course not the full extend of a FR or DH bike. Even I myself, am not a freerider or downhiller. But this green ogre is dragging me to do more...

To get more out of it, some parts were changed (see, I don't use the term upgrade). So, this is what it is all about...the transformation of the green ogre. Again, economoney was a big constraint, so I had to be thrifty.

...When it was first brought home. Stock bike and parts. This is the so called "upgrade" version. Spec differs from it predecessor. Main plus is the LX07 FD and RD, coupled with Deore RapidFire Plus shifter. Note all the light reflectors intact.

The ogre today...

Didn't look much different...So, what happened?
The crank. Stock was Sunrace. Replaced with Aeorozine X12 the very same night. Proved to be a big disappointment because the left arm kept coming loose after few KM of ride. I got a Truvativ FIVED. Threw away its rings and replaced it with Aerozine's rings. Very rojak.
The Crank Bros Candy C had been very good to me. But, like I said, this ogre is asking for more. I opted for this Time Atac Z. Larger, wider and sturdier platform. Good for roughing it up.
One Chief of a biking tribe commented that the stem was too high. I got just what I wanted from BBS. A package of Easton vice stem and Amoeba Borla hi-rise bar. Sweet marriage. Don't ask whether the stem is genuine...
Amoeba Borla hi-rise. I found it to be too wide. Cut it off, then regret it because it was too short after that. The tapering bend gave me hard time to fit in the shifter clamp.
Grip from Playlife. Actually motorcycle grip. Trimmed the stopper off for bicycle use. Another thrifty innovation.
Eh..what's that protruding green thingy? It's motorcycle bar balancer. The solution I need for bar cap plus something to extend my shortened bar. Anodised green to go with the ogre's green frame.
Ah...I like this one. Shimano XT 07 shifter. A dowhiller friend sold it to me for RM50.00 because the adjusting barrel on the right shifter was busted. The whole thing snapped leaving part of the screw in its hole. I had to painstakingly remove the remnant of the screw. Salvaged the adjusting barrel from an old Shimano RD. Perfect fit.
FSA sealed bearing A headset to replace the stock Cane Creek ball bearing headset.
Selle Royal bum arrester. Thick padding for the comfort of the king's arse. Comes with matching SR blinker.
The rear shocker. Stock was Kind Shock KS A-TWO. Fat stroke, 165mm eye-to-eye. Air shock with pressure setting only. Got this Fox Float R 03 or 04 model (not very sure) from a celebrity. Plusher with rebound control. Sleeker look with slimmer 25mm stroke. I like it...Of course can't compare to ProPedal shockslah.
The RST Capa T8 was a skinny coil spring fork. Stanchion was 28mm with only preload adjustment. I was thrown off once when the fork protested when being compressed. This Mozo MZIII was still just a simple coil spring fork with preload adjustment. Fatter stanchion though. Meant for XC only but I've been abusing it. So far, the Mozo mark is still able to take my beating.
Rear tire changed from Kenda dunno what 1.95 to Conti Vertical 2.3. Better traction and control when going downhill but a real torture to the quad when climbing.
I won this tire at a the KLMBH Annual Dinner lucky draw last year. Never thought that I'd use it because I was only doing XC. The ogre gets the honor to have tire tire wrapped to its wheel.

The mother of all upgrades for this ogre goes to...(drumrollllll...)...QUAD QHD3 Deuce.
Front caliper coupled with Quad Pulse 203mm rotor. Do I need such braking power???
Rear caliper with Quad Pulse 185mm rotor.
Ambidextrous flip-flop brake lever. You can interchange the lever on either side. Installation is also handy because the clamp uses detachable face plate unlike the C clamp.

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