Monday, November 21, 2011

The Biking Chronicles of Pedal Bob Braino # 10 - "The Trainer - Part 1"

The continuous rain had deprived Bob the pleasure of cycling.  He talked to his buddy, Chain Suck Chen, about that.

"Get a trainer", Chen suggested.

"It's gonna be boring", Bob responded.

"Place your bike and the trainer in front of your large screen TV.  Play the cycling movies you have been keeping.  That will help to kill the boredom.", Chen elaborated.

Chen's words slowly seeped into Bob's grey matter.  After frowning and twirling his eyes, his cheek form a smiling curve with a soft "Hmmmm...." escaping his mouth.  He dropped by at the LBS and got himself a brand spanking new trainer.  That night, when the sky let off a light drizzled, Bob did like what was suggested by Chen.

The following morning...
"Chen, I think this trainer thing does not work for me.", he told Chen.
"How come?  It was working fine for me?", Chen quipped.
"I did like what you said.  Placed the bike and the trainer in front of my huge flat screen.  Played the DVD...It was a helmet cam of the Tour de France.  I felt like I was in the peloton", he paused for while.  Chen looked at him waiting for him to continue.

"...I followed them pedaling for 2 minutes.  Started to like the trainer already.  And then, they went downhill...", Bob continued.

"I followed them.  I just hang on to the bike and took the twist and turn...It was fun, but...there's no workout in that".

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