Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Biking Chronicles of Pedal Bob Braino # 11 - "The Trainer - Part 2"

***This is the sequel to The Biking Chronicles of Pedal Bob Braino # 10 - "The Trainer - Part 1".  Read this first to savor what's coming below***

Bob turned up at the office one morning with bruises on him.  His office and riding buddy, Chen, was surprised with what he saw.  "Hey dude, what happened?", he quibbled.  Curiosity and concern lined his words.

"Oh, nothing.  It's just the trainer...", Bob replied coyly.

"The trainer?", Chen was surprised.

"Yeah, the trainer.  I went up on it again.  Guess I shouldn't ever play that video whenever I'm on the trainer.",  Bob explained.  He paused.  That made Chen became more curious and impatient.

"What video did you play? And what has it got to do with your bruises?", quizzed Chen.

"New World Disorder...", a snappy reply from Bob.  Chen tried very hard to hold his breath and to contain the revolting urge to laugh out loud. 

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