Monday, November 10, 2008

KLMBH Hash # 170

They told that the scenic is mum and child friendly. Distance was 11km plus. I hope they were telling the truth. So, I brought my family. Me, missus, my eldest son and my 9 year old. Was contemplating to bring my 3 year old along. Of course, I'd have to carry him on the child carrier. The trail is mum friendly but is it dad friendly? Wise words from missus not to, heeded.

So there we were, listening to the hare's brief, some place hidden within Bandar Tasik Kesuma. How did they ever find the trails?

About 0945hrs it was ON ON. From staging area, an open roadside, void of any significant shade, we had to duck under the barricade bar. Some were seen doing limbo on a MTB. Impressive. A short while later, the tarmac ended. There was a huge roundabout amidst the lalang. Splitting the crowd into 2 groups. Trailhead was narrow with a bit of a climb. Supposed to be ridable, but because of the crowd, most were forced to hike the bike.

A stinking fume later welcomed, courtesy of some cow leaving behind their dung smack on the trail. Many did not realize and ran over it. I bet some return home with flakes of the digested grass home. If not for the cow dung, it would have been sweet singletrack in between rubber trees.

Rubber trail was short. Followed by few kampung houses before hitting another stretch of tarmac. Sign read Kampung Rinching Tengah. Scenic and long still ran together. I sped up a bit as I was already left behind. Eyes scanning for papers. All of the sudden, a group of riders turned back. Long riders who thought that they have fell prey to the hares' mischief. A falsie suspect. I was puzzled because I could still see long paper on the trail. I yelled at them but they just ignored. Let em....

Past the tarmac, the paced changed. Dirt doubletrack started winding up. Uh oh...(that was meant for my 9 year old). I wonder whether he could pull through. Looked like he was doing fine. Undulating double track in rubber smallholding. Nice! Trail was dry. No yucky mud. Climb not too tormenting. Hares really keep their words.

Scenic and long then split at a junction. Long proceeded up ahead while scenic turned right. Another series of ups and downs in rubber plantation. Then a change of terrain and vegetation. From rubber to orchard. From undulating to flat. Nice singletrack alongside a river. A rivercrossing thrown in by the hare completed the picture. You can even stop for a while on the sand bank in the middle of the crossing to take pictures. Say cheeeseee....

Thereafter, back to more rubber on a doubletrack till we came to a tunnel underneath a highway. This was where the long rejoined scenic. I wonder what highway was that? Across the tunnel saw a a bit of tarmac that eventually went downhill. Naturally people would not argue with gravity. And some rolled past the left turn they were supposed to take. Clever deception by the hare.

More riverside trail in palm plantation followed. Suddenly we came to an abrupt stop in what looked like a soccer field. Huge crowd gathering. Perhaps because of a check. Then we gradually moved on. Passed some houses which I thought could be some workers' quarters. Then onto a wooden bridge before going back into the wilderness of rubber and palm. Anybody notice there was a huge manure depository just beside the track. Luckily, there was no mishap there.

A relief when trail ventured back into the shades of old palm. Trail maintained the pattern up moderate ups and downs. Quite enjoyable. Then came a T junction where once again the long and the scenic bid farewell. I took the trouble of cycling a bit of the long way to check out the name of the palm estate. It was Connemara. Whatever that means.

From shady palms out into the open. Wide laterite road on a sunny noon. A sweat drenching affair. That took us through another tunnel. Wide laterite continued through a settlement. My nose picked up the sweet smell of home. I told that to my tired 9 year old riding alongside. He thought I was just trying to cheer him up. And right I was. Shortly thereafter, we roll down pass the exit where my eldest was waiting for us. Time was around 1130hrs. My personal shortest and fastest hash.

Hares were true to their words. Scenic was mum and kid friendly. Not for adrenaline junkie with bulging thighs and calves. You could fall asleep riding the scenic. My 9 year old really did enjoy his first hash...Thank you hares, Thank you KLMBH.

Pics can be seen here


sufino said...

BC....I am blessed getting to know the candu of mtbking.....and also people like you

Akmal Hizam said...

nice to know that mommies and kids enjoyed the bash.
KLMBH bash - in my list of mtb events that i want to experience. partly because of the event itself, and more so because of illustrious reports that you shared.
keep it up, BC!