Monday, November 10, 2008

FRIM Family Ride - Maruku and Masala Vadei...

Chatting after a ride could lead to another. After the From Plentong To LTM ride, FRIM blurted out from my mouth. Like a toman, Daniel grab the bait and urged his father, Hashim BB to join us at FRIM. A quick arrangement was made to go to FRIM on Monday, Oct 27th. Deepavali public holiday...

My Unser doing the impression of a sardine can
The deal was to meet at tokong, in front of FRIM. On D-Day, after succeeding to load 5 bikes into the tummy of my Unser, with space to spare for 5 riders, we departed for FRIM. It was a simple 20 minutes journey. At 0830hrs, there was no sign of Hashim BB or any other BBB. Message was spread last night about the ride. takers perhaps. The six of us would suffice. Me, missus, Fikri (my eldest), Faris (9), Farhan (7) and Fadlan (3).

Setting up 5 bikes was no easy task. It was like a small bike exhibition. While busying myself, a text came from Jalil Ganaz. Oh...some takers finally. There were waiting near the entrance. I told them where we were and soon after they came to join us. Trailing along were his son, Daniel, Azmi T-Bolt, Firdaus (Azmi's son) and Farhan (Azmi's son). So we had big Farhan and small Farhan on the day.

5 bikes to setup including one with a child carrier to carry the young prince. I suggested for them to go ahead first and enter The Dream with Fikri since there were all set to go while I busy myself with the rest of the bikes. So off they went.

We followed a bit later expecting to meet them at The Dream exit in Rover Track. To our surprise, we met them at the masjid. They haven't gone in because Jalil had to visit the loo. Sheeessshhhhh...

I continued up Rover with missus, Faris and Farhan. My little prince chirpily belting out songs that I could not comprehend. Greeting joggers and passers by. He sure caught a lot of attention. Fikri took Jalil and his charges up The Dream.

Fikri and big Farhan approaching The Dream exit
I made a stop at The Dream exit to wait for them to come out as promised. While waiting, met Brother H, someone I briefly knew. He was riding solo on his neon green Cannondale. We exchanged greetings. I took the opportunity to get to know him. When he introduced himself as a brother of my high school senior, I was surprised. I immediately told my wife that Brother H was the little brother of the guy who generously gave me the child carrier. Our chat came to the subject of his unused tandem bike. He offered me to give it a try which I shamelessly accepted. But to date, I haven't got the time to go and pick it up. Must allocate a day or that. Keep coming back here for my account of tandem experience.

We waited for sometime then missus decided to move on first with Faris and little Farhan. So off they went. Shortly after Fikri and big Farhan came out. Satisfied look displayed all over their face. Must be the doing of the juicy singletrack of The Dream. The rest of the bunch was still way far behind. We continued to wait. Suddenly, missus texted me informing me that BBB was lepaking with her at the Rover exit. What? I thought it was a no show from them. I waited no more. Quickly put Fadlan in the seat and blasted off towards Rover exit.

The BBB Family

Jalil's arrival
There, at the foot of Rover exit, huge crowd from BBB congregated attracting attention. Hashim was there, Belacan, Jepp and his family and many more...It appeared that they changed their plan to enter via Hospital Sungai Buloh instead for reasons I cannot disclose. Such a pity that we could not ride together as they'd be heading different way. We chatted for a while. I got a chance to try out Belacan's new rig - A KHS AM1000. Niceeeee...We chatted (and gossiped for while). All chatting (and gossiping) stopped when Jalil made his appearance gliding down the exit in style. We parted with heavy hearts. Encouragement from each other saved the trouble of shedding any tears...So touching...

Farhan...wait up, wait up...

I rode closely to little Farhan. Actually, the FRIM ride was meant for him. He got a new steel 24in bike partly funded by his duit raya. He was raring and very excited to go. Bukit Hari trail would put him to test. I kept encouraging and praising him. He surprised me by cleaning that section till the foot of steroid. Bravo!!!

Farhan enjoying the trails
The small patch of shade at the foot of steroid became our shelter from the scorching sun. I decided not to go up steroid. The 2 young T-Bolt riders, Fikri and big Farhan took on the challenge and scrambled up. While waiting, little Farhan and Faris played around cycling up and down joyfully. Fadlan, my VIP pillion, just ran around tailing his brothers. Kids...they can have fun out of everything...I just looked at em with great sense of pride and joy.

Family portrait
Soon after, Jalil and Azmi arrived. Being adventurous Jalil, a small persuasion made him scrambled up steroid. Azmi politely decline my cordial invitation to go up steroid. Shortly after Fikri came rollign down wo-hooing all the way with big Farhan tailing closely behind.

When all the conquerors of Steroid were finally back, we began heading home.We chose the white fine gravel double track headed towards Taman Botanikal Kepong. Downhilling there was thrilling especially towrds the bottom nearing the left bend where the gravel was very loose. Faris' favorite was to jump over the hump after rolling down from the gravel hill.

Gravel DH with pillion
Noon came and the whole entourage marched on, turning right for the finale that ended up the wood testing area. End of FRIM trails and back to tarmac to head for tokong...Huge task awaited me to squeeze all the 5 bikes back into the car...

More pics can be seen here


Berisman said...

What a great family outing!

My cycling blog is at

I am still a beginner learning the rope...

KeLoLo said...

Ntahlah...somehow beskal ni jadi macam titian untuk family bonding. Semua boleh enjoy. Dari yang terkecil sampai yang terbesar.

Cuma pening sikit bila semua nak pegi, tak muat keta. Beskalpun tak cukup. Kena gilirlah...

Mujur jugak, kalau tak susah jugak nak rapat dengan anak remaja. Frekuensi tak tune langsung.

Nampak fun Putrajaya ride tuuu...Kami pernah ride sekali. Seronokkkkkk...Maybe boleh join you ride Putrajaya... :)