Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sri Gombak Recce Ride # 2

Who would have thought that there are trails near Sri Gombak. Thanks to Kidd of Sri Gombak for sharing the info with us. We went in halfway only on 27/10/2007 due to time constraint. First impression was promising double track trails.

On 25/12/07, we went in again. What I thought was gonna be a small group ride turned out to be a 10 riders group. Perhaps fueled by earlier pics of trails posted by Kidd.

RV at trail head which is located about 20 meters from the entrance of Taman Bukit Permata. Weather was cloudy. No skin searing sunshine. Perfect for riding. We went in with very limited knowledge of the trail based on our first recce and subsequent info provided by Kidd. Our objective was to complete the recce for the main back bone trail i.e. the main tributary from Sri Gombak to Gombak Batu 10 1/2.

Entrance to Tmn Bukit Permata

View of hills adjacent to the entrance

Trail head

The 10 explorers. From left...Zul, Atuk, Riyadh, KeLoLo, Crono, Ejad, Shaque, BluCold, Nasrul, n Aeroz

Trail opens with dirt double track. Level momentarily followed by a mild climb which then turns into a mild downhill meeting the first branch. Trail decorated by ponds on both sides. We took the left path for the main trail which took us to a climb of trail paved with fine gravel. Top of the climb saw a disused path. Trail level for a moment followed by another fork. The left fork went up into uncharted trail. The right fork will take you to a swooping downhill thru some bamboo groove. The only shaded area of the trail...

Small welcoming climb

Fine gravel trail

Bamboo groove

Pace maintained by momentary level which took us out to the open at a foot of a huge boom of the high voltage electric cable. Beautiful hill scenery covered with lush green vegetation all around and in abundance. Very therapeutic...

High voltage pylon. Note the freshly scraped trail on the right
Dwindling trail from afar

Thereon, the pace turned fast to a swirling downhill that lasts for a coupla minutes. Just watch out for blind corners. At the bottom we found a signage that says "Kampong Rahmat". Neatly planted there, at what looked like an orchard. One wooden hut erected there but looked abandoned. A small stream ran beside Kampong Rahmat.

The woo-hoo section
Kampong Rahmat - Village of Blessing

From Kampong Rahmat, more downhill! Only plenty of woo-hoos leapt from our mouth. All the woo-hoos came to an abrupt silence when suddenly there was a steep rocky climb ahead. I managed to pedal up for about 10 meters. After that, the bike mounted the rider. Some bike lugging that was. That was the most treacherous and horrendous climb for this trail.

More woo-hoos...

Thereafter, a dragonfruit farm. Followed by alternation of ups and downs. You can either cycle fast and furious and enjoy the adrenaline or take your sweet time to enjoy the scenery...Either way will work fine.

Dragon fruit farm. No fire breathing beast in sight...

Da bombing da downhill. Da bomb!
The last 2 descents towards the end of the trail were the fastest. Steep and swerving. It claimed one casualty.
Dis da BOOMMMMM...
Are we there yet?
Trail exited at the old Gombak - Bentong road at Batu 10 1/2. From here you can either; 1. Hit left on the tarmac and go and conquer Genting Sempah 2. Hit right towards Gombak and back to the trail head. 3. Double back. Overall, it's a fast and furious trail. The main back bone trail is exposed doubletrack all the way with low technical level. It's like going on a big roller coaster...A big plus is the beautiful and serene scenery of hills and greenery. More pics can be seen here © KeLoLo mcmvii

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