Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Bikes Are Stolen!!!

So you think that anything kept in your compound is safe eh? NOT!!! This year alone I lost 3 bicycles. The first occurred in January 07. My daughter's mini bicycle. It was the fad and craze for kids to modify the mini bicycle into what they call "Basikal Jipang". It happened at night...Part of the blame went back smack to me for not locking the gate. On Friday, Nov 16th, my first mountain bike was carted away. This time more daring. The bike was taken from inside the compound, in front of my door in broad daylight while there were people at home! I was really really upset...That was my first "real" MTB. Lotsa fond memories with it. Lotsa cash also invested in its parts. And it happened 2 days before PCC Prez 07. The most recent incident happened last Sunday, Dec 2nd. My duaghter's bike was stolen. The bike was a replacement of the one stolen in January. Again broad daylight, while people were at home. That's it! Enough!!! I decided to keep all the bicycles inside even though it will make my hall look messier. Better mess then less... It all boiled down to how vulnerable we are today. How safe are we today. If you are not safe even in your own compound, what would happen if you are out there in the streets? Muggers, snatchers, kidnappers...Why should this happen? What can we do about it?

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