Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Element Proton 2004 - How The Steed Was Built

For some unknown reasons, I have a fascination for black, especially matte black. Perhaps, induced by my own personal color...

When I wanted to get a new frame circa Sept last year, matte black was the color. Befitting my budget and my requirement, I went for the Element Proton 2004. Here's how it looks like now.

And nothing gives more satisfaction and gratification than building it yourself. The buildup process itself was a truly memorable experience. I got hold of the frame on the eve of Friday. 2 more days before the arrival of the first day of Ramadhan, the fasting month.

On Saturday, my ride buddies decided to go for one last ride in Ladang Tuan Mee as pre-Ramadhan closing ride. I followed even though my wife was against the idea. Perhaps, next time I should listen to her. Only for the first few minutes of the ride, I had a stupid silly fall for failing to unclip on time. I lost balance, and the whole of me succumbed to gravity. I fell into a ditch carved by flowing rain water. My right back slammed against harden earth inviting instant excruciating pain. My wife had to come to rescue me. She got the "I told you..." look all over her...Ouch...serves me right. Painful back one day before puasa.

I got myself excused from work for two days. But the pain lasted until today... So what would you do with the 2 days of MC? Lie down and recuperate? Perhaps...But the matte black Element Proton was lying in the store room. Beckoning me...I lost to the temptation. I was weak..Please forgive me.

With one hand holding the painful back, clad only in kain pelekat, I crept slowly to the store room. Wincing in pain, I reached out my hand, stopped halfway when some small drop of remaining wisdom told me not to. I withdrew. Stood there frozen for a moment. Indecisive...The evil whisper came again "Come on..what are you waiting for. You are not gonna do anything. You just wanna touch it, feel it...That's all".

The dark side consumed. Right arm reaching for the Element...The moment my finger touched the frame, I felt like a jolt of current running thru the arm right thru the brain. I can't remember what happened. It was like a sudden memory loss... Moments later I was taking the allen key removing parts from my Montana to be transferred to the Element. The whole process was painstakingly done. I had to pause many many times to hold the back pain. The were many occasions I had to drop my tools and rushed to the sofa to lie down. Tools and parts strewn all over the living room. Yes...for sure my beloved presented me with some handsome nagging because of my action. I made good use of the two days of MC to complete the build.

So, finally on the third day of puasa, Ramadhan 1427, the Element Proton was born. Alongside, the Montana was refitted with its components. Ready to be handed over to its new owner, KeLoLo Junior. Once completed, I had to put up a strong fight against the urge of having a test ride.

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