Friday, October 31, 2008

Kulimus Alumnus Cyclus - FRIM Ride After Raya

After almost 2 months of no cycling, getting back to off road biking cannot be done hastily. One must get re-acquainted with the wilderness. High technical trail is definitely not the choice for re-acclimatization. Must go for a least technical trail. FRIM seems to fit that bill very well.

Fit for a GQ cover. Nan flaunting his baju raya.
2 ride buddies, sharing the same concern of high ketupat, rendang, lemang and all other delicacies flowing freely and uncontrollably into the tummy, were my schoolmates. Nan, my senior, and Rezlan, my junior. We started off from the tokong outside FRIM around 0830hrs. Me astride my Element, Rezlan on his green T-Bolt and Nan on his Trek4300. Nan was also sporting his brand new raya jersey. He went through all the trouble to find one that matches his frame.

This rover was not this steep the last time I came

Weather was bright. Fine day for riding. Underneath the foliage, trail was shady. As usual, Rover track was chosen as the entree. Rezlan got pretty excited and resolved to clear Rover (up to Dream exit) without stopping. Nan would maintain his usual casual strut. I sped forward in my effort to stimulate Rezlan. He was not deterred though, like most people after raya, were heavily laden with raya delicacies. The raya festivities did have effect on me causing me to make extra effort to heave my body and my bike up Rover. Gasping for breath, I focused my energy and concentration in climbing not aware that Rezlan was dropping further and further. And if not for the passing lorry disrupting his cycling, Rezlan would have fufilled his resolution.

Bombing down Rover
Perhaps we were we not the only concerned people about the food intake during raya. Many more MTBers appearing from all directions, adding to the merriment. We would do a simple routine of Bukit Hari, up Steroid then back. Don't wanna be exerting too much for initial post raya warm-up ride.

Bikers know no race barrier. Fellow friendly MTBers
More MTBers appearing when we were at the foot of Steroid. Like swarming termites. From Bukit Hari trail, from Sg Buloh, up Steroid, down Steroid. Bustling with bikes and bikers. Hands busy shaking and exchanging raya greetings.

We braved ourselves taking Steroid challenge. All of us went up. Ride at FRIM will be incomplete without going up Steroid. I managed to divert to loop where a new nursery is opened. Quite nice. Trees were still saplings. When I got back to Steroid trail, Rezlan was approaching. We rode together for the rest of the climb till he decided to dismount to wait for Nan. (Well, that was what he told me).

Jepp n Bilis of BBB

Fellow MTBers at the foot of Steroid

A customary break at the flat after the junction to helipad. So far, I'd been to helipad only once. Breathtaking view of lush greenery. Soothing the eyes and the mind. The flat marked the end of agony. Swooping downhill awaited as reward for the hard labor of getting there.

We rolled down enjoying every inch of the descent. Then took right up the gravel hill then speedy descent again. But be careful though. The fine gravel towards the first bend was a bit loose and had claimed many casualties. That trail took us to Taman Botanikal Kepong.

Nan sped fast leaving me and Rezlan. But he took the right turn to exit the taman towards Taman Ehsan. We had to yell at him to came back and proceed on. From that trail, took another right up and then down the FRIM nursery trail. Reaching the bar concluded the off road ride. Noon sun shining brightly on sweat drenched bikers. I felt lighter and at peace. Must've dropped plenty of rendang, ketupat and lemang on the trail just now...FRIM ride can never be dull.

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