Thursday, October 09, 2008

The Cranky Crank

Aerozine X-12 Crank with Tioga flat pedal fitted.

This is Aerozine X-12 crank. Scores well in the look and weight department. Nothing peculiar about this crank as depicted by the picture, right?. I bought in Feb 2008. For RM260, it should be the best deal of the century. NOT!

Aerozine X-12 Crank with something not quite right.

Now take a closer look at this picture? Anything peculiar? Compare with picture 1. Come's very obvious. Something is VERY wrong in picture 2. Look at the supposedly integrated shaft. Yes...the shaft is disintegrated from the crank. Something that shouldn't have happened.

From day 1 of installation, this crankset spells nothing but trouble and dissatisfaction. First, it was the frequent loosening of the left crank arm. What was thought to be a mistake on my part for not torquing it enough during installation turned out to be incorrect. The blame should go to its design. Aerozine made only a single tightening bolt to secure the left crank arm which appeared to be insufficient. Other Aerozine crank users that I know of reported similar problem.

The second problem is the disintegration of the shaft. It started of with creaking sound under hard cranking. And, just to note, I'm just an XC rider. The crank was not abused. Just a normal XC rides, which was endured fine by my LX HII crank. Initially, I thought the creaking sound cam from the pedal. I took the trouble of re-packing the bearing of the pedal coupla times. The creaking sound wont go away. It got louder instead. Still, I thought that my re-packing was not properly done, knowing how horrible my mechanical skills is. Only on the last inspection of the pedal I realized that the crank has a bit of play. I thought it was the BB. Just so happened that I have a spare BB, I wanted to replace it. Once removed from the BB, the shaft dropped, flop! from the crank. My jaw dropped in unison in total disbelief.

So, if you happen to have one of this installed onto your bike, and you are getting funny creaking sound, better check on the "integrity" of your shaft. Hopefully, your fate is better than mine.

But...all is not lost. The nicely CNCed chain rings and BB can still be used. Kinda ease my crankiness because of the cranky crank.

A closer look at the shaft. I'll keep em as a grim reminder (or maybe use it to pelt the mangy dog who like to snarl and gnarl at me)


XTC said...

report to aerozine n hopefully u'll get a replacement. no harm trying

mr.beskal said...

ahaks...nasib kita serupa, cuma saya punya just rosak BB. Tapi saya dah malas nak guna Aerozine sbb takut ianya buat hal masa ride.

So saya kembalilah kepada crank asal...

Anonymous said...

Hi,I, Andi, Just wonder why its happened.

I just wonder if you can give me more details about it and I can help and ask our principal ( AEROZINE )

Please send the email to

Thank you for sharing the experience.


dutchcowes said...


Fitted mine on 10-09-2008, wnet out for about 8 rides and same happend to me, left crank came of first,then the same noise and wobble. Mine is going back, I am glad I am not alone because I thought was one to break one!

dutchcowes said...


Had my set replaced wit a free upgrade to 2009 model (under warranty), so we will see how long this one lasts

KeLoLo said...

Hey...Good on you dude! Err...mind sharing with us how you go about getting the replacement?

dutchcowes said...


I would go back where you bought it from; I bought mine online in the UK and e-mailed shop. Explain that you had the set professionally fitted according to manufactures instructions and this problem occurred after a couple of rides.
If you have no luck, there you can always e-mail:
Or look for your nearest dealer in the contact us section, but an exchange should be straightforward because you have a two-year warranty. (not on bearing and usual wear and tear)