Monday, June 30, 2008

Please Welcome A New Brother...

At the office, it's no longer a secret that I am cyclist. And it's gradually spreading. The latest one is a colleague who also happen to live in BTP, home of the BBB. It was no surprise when he came to me for a bike.

It's common for newbies to feel surprised by the price of bicycles. SInce he said his budget is very tight, I recommended him the best his money can buy...Proton T-Blaze. However, there was some snag. My regular supplier, Mr Beskal, said T-Blaze is no longer available. Hmmmm...some phone calls later, I managed to get 1 unit for him. The last one at Bicyclette Boutique, Kelab Ukay. (yeah...there's a small bike shop in that club itself. Go check out some serious steel rig there). Order was made and deal confirmed. Major was kind enough to throw in a water bottle worth RM20.00 to the package.

Saturday, June 28th. Delivery was made. Another cyclist is re-born...Let's see how long can the T-Blaze retain its stock parts....

The handing over ceremony

Comes complete with user manual

Trying out for the first time

I wish a very warm welcome to Bro Gee to the world of cycling. Quickly get your behind seasoned. Then we can go hit the terraces of LTM.


Remi said...

Welcome to the MTB community bro Gee. Macammana bro BC racun dia sampai cair member. Pastikan racun dia ke tahap maksima supaya dia gunakan TBlaze dia masuk XC, alangkah malangnya nasib basikal MTB kalau ia digunakan hanya untuk kayuh keliling taman atas tarmac sahaja. BTW masih terkenang saat indah beli basikal MTB pertama dan first ride XC. Rasa menyesal masa tu ikut member panjat bukit. Baru 2 km pertama rasa macam nak pecah dada. Tapi itu dulu, sekarang ni kalau 3 hari tak kayuh XC rasa lemau satu badan. Kepada Bro Gee, happy riding, ride safely.

Riza said...

Rasa2nya ada lagi tak Tblaze kat kedai? My brother pun I tengah racun untuk gi MTB, tapi budget dia rendah. Kalau tau mana2 kedai yang boleh contact, tolong bagi kat saya!

Thanks. Riza.

Riza said...

Finally managed to find a TBlaze. And guess what? Kat kedai Major jugak! :)