Monday, June 30, 2008

Coil Shock for T-Bolt

I've been asked whether there are other shock upgrades for T-Bolt besides the air shock. I ain't no expert. I can't just pluck out the answer. When visiting a fellow Bolter after he was blessed with another sweet daughter, I caught the sight of his Bolty equipped with a coil spring shock.

DNM Torch Coil Shock.

Not much detail acquired. He also can't remember much. Set was puchased via BicycleBuySell. He switched from DNM Backdraft Air to Torch coil because of his weight. Note the coil is pre-loaded to the max for max stiffness. Let your imagination run wild as to the size of the owner. It comes with rebound adjustment.

A quick www search also didn't yield much results. Even it's manufacturer website DNM Website did not say much.

If you happen to have details aboout this shock, please be kind enough to share with us.

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Chachai @ belacan said...

Tok Abu

The shock is DNM Torch
165mm in size and to my understand, it comes standard with the early T-Bolt edition way back in 2003 (if not mistaken). 165mm in size.