Friday, May 30, 2008

New Shocking Experience?

Huh! So what happened? What was so shocking? Oh so the drama!

Relax...It was just my Bolty rear boinger got transplanted. The Kind A-TWO shock was shocked when it was removed from the frame. It's place is now taken over by a Fox Float R.

Kind Shock A-Two...before it was given the shocking treatment


Stock Kind Shock A-Two. 165mm (6.5") eye-to-eye. Basic entry level air shock. No rebound or lockout. You only get to play with the air pressure. Fat and stubby. Performance is a bit stiff and not so responsive. But the stiffness yield another advantage when climbing. Only minimal bob felt. I tried addressing the stiffness by lowering the pressure, it became bouncier but too soft. Easily bottom-out even when attacking small bumps. So, I resorted for stiffer setup. Better to be able to tackle bumps with no bottom out. Coupla years of riding a hard tail, small tremors to the brain is just child play.

2003 Fox Float R


Fox Float R shock. Used unit bought from a celebrity. No kidding!

Shock Features

Adjustable Air Spring - Internal Floating Piston - Oil Damping - Self Adjusting Air Negative Spring - Nitrogen Charged - Speed Sensitive Compression Damping - Externally Adjustable Rebound Damping - Speed Sensitive Rebound Valve Stack

Rebound Adjustment

Rebound damping controls the rate at which the shock returns after it has been compressed. The red adjuster dial can be turned clockwise for slower rebound and counter-clockwise for faster rebound. There is a wide range of adjustment enabling the rider to tune the shock to any air pressure and riding condition. The proper rebound setting is a personal preference and varies depending on rider weight, riding style and riding conditions. As a general rule, rebound should be as fast as possible without kicking back and pushing the rider off the saddle when riding the bicycle in rough terrain. If rebound is too slow the suspension will not function properly and the wheel will not follow the changing terrain. Determining the proper rebound setting may take a number of rides. I am still in the process of trying out to find my sweet spot.


Alan said...

Damn, hows da performance of the Fox ? What's the market rate for it ??

KeLoLo said...

Satisfied. Plusher compared to Kind A-TWO. Lighter tooo...The rebound is a plus. Of course still bobbing la when ascending especially on hard pedal.

Market price should be around RM300...Old model maaa...

Ober Frederiksen said...

no propedal eh?