Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm back! - Penang Kayuh Lasak 2009


"Where Have You Been" was the theme of 2008 Penang Kayuh Lasak. Not! Kidding only. One of the earliest and most famous MTB Jamboree was playing hide and seek last year. It's absence made the heart grew fonder. It came out from its hiding to re-emerge in 2009. Jumping up on all awaiting mountainbikers with "I'm back...". Say that with a hoarse voice and an Austrian accent, you'll sound like the character depicted in its poster - Arnold Susahnakeja the Terminator.

I have been missing the opportunity to join this ride. So, when it's back this year, I made all the effort to enable me to participate. God willing, so far evrything is happening in my favor. As of now, I have just completed lubing my bike. My bag is all packed. All riding gears put to one side ready to be loaded into my trusty bike wagon. I'll be going with a mission. Not just riding the Kayuh Lasak, but something else that I cannot disclose. Come back later, you'll know what it is. Hey, you might want to stick around me during the ride. Who knows, there might be a surprise in store for you. Penang, here I come!

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