Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Biking Chronicles of Pedal Bob Braino # 2

After much hassle and haggle, Pedal Bob finally bought a mountain bike. Slicker Sam, the salesman attending to him, wiped the sweat beading on his forehead with a huge sigh of relief. Pedal Bob excitedly took the bike home. Once home, he stand the bike and he let go. The bike fell off. He tried to make the bike stand again, but again the bike fell off on its side. He began to get impatient. "OK..just one more try...", he murmured, gritting his teeth. He held the bike, stand it, tried to get the best balance he could and gently let his hands off. Again the bike fell off. "That's it...I'm gonna file a complain". He called the shop, screaming for Slicker Sam.

"Hello Sam. I think you've ripped me off...", scolded Pedal Bob. "Whoa Bob, tell me what happen?", Sam maintained his cool after years of experience of handling customers. "The bike you sold me just now...", Bob started. "Yeah...", Sam interjected. "It won't stand. I tried 3 times but it won't stand. It was standing fine in the shop. I think you ripped me off.", Bob continued in loud angry tone. Sam swallowed his saliva, recounted the purchase earlier, after seconds smacked his forehead. "The bike won't stand eh? Of course it won't stand. It's two tired. It won't stand...", Sam explained. "Oh...too tired eh...", Bob said before Sam could finish. "Must be because of the travel and the long time standing in the shop", responded Bob. "OK...I'll let it rest for today...Thank Sam", Pedal Bob hung up. Sam felt like strangling himself and laugh out loud rolling on the floor at the same time...

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