Friday, June 02, 2023

The Biking Chronicles of Pedal Bob Braino # 12 - "Pain All Over"

After a bad tumble on the bike, Bob went to see the doctor.

Doc : Ah...Mr Braino.  What seems to be the problem?
Bob :  Pain all over
Doc :  All over?  Tell me what happen...
Bob :  I went out riding this morning.  Trail was wet and slippery.  When coming down from The Office, it was very slippery and steep.  The bike skidded down uncontrollably.  I crashed.  Face smacked into the dirt.
Doc :  Oh my...Sounds horrible.  Go on.
Bob : Face hurt.  I touched my face.  Feel painful.  Then I touched my chest.  Also painful.  I touched my forehead.  Also painful.  I touched my leg, also painful...
Doc : Looks like you are right.  It hurts all over judging by your touch test.  Now lemme have a look at your hand.  Particularly the finger you used to examine yourself.
*** Doc gently grabs Bob's finger.  He takes a close scrutiny at it and let out a small "Hmm.." Bob winced in pain...Took a little whle for Doc to remove the splinter in Bob's fore finger...

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